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Prashant Jha
JosepMonter on Pixabay

Your engagement on the Internet makes up your digital identity. This identity is inherently assigned to your consumption data. Believe it or not, it is your digital soul. And the Devil wants your soul.

For the sake of this article, anyone with a malignant intent towards your data, I’ll address them as the Devil.

Like anything else, there are two sides to consumer data analytics. The value exchange between consumers and the advertisement industry is the pretty side of it.

Consumers gain empowerment and convenience.

The Advertisers gain consumer behavior data for targeted marketing.

Another side, not so pretty, is…

Source: Open clip art Pixabay

First of all, we’ll call back Eve and Steve from our last article. They gained a lot of value, information, and power to communicate with brands by being always on. They were pampered with convenience and customization for everything they bought online.

Now, they pay for these apparently free services by revealing themselves and giving marketers virtually unlimited information about themselves.

This article will be about how this information is stored and analyzed for Consumer Segmentation. How marketers gain these detailed data. And then how they use it to come up with targeted marketing campaigns.

What is always-on Consumer data?

Ahoy, Citizens of Information metropolis. Today, I’ve brought you a show! Meet Eve and Steve. Who are they you ask?

Image by Prawny on Pixabay

“What road do I take from here?” asked Alice. With that ridiculous grin on its face, the cat asked, “But where do you want to go?”
“I don’t know”, said Alice.“Then does it really matter?”, answered the cat.

This exchange of dialogue between that lost little girl and this conspicuous cat makes me wonder. Did the cat really want to help? Would it be really helping if it showed the way? When she herself didn’t know where to go? Here’s the thing about the creative thinking process.

Unlike normal belief, creativity is not innate.

It’s the very result of me…

Prashant Jha

It’s all about putting words, images & numbers in one particular order. That’ll do it. Join my substack: ** Let’s upgrade the game.

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